First week training

So marathon number 2 ….. Milton Keynes!!!! Training started Monday with a nice 3.5 miles in the rain, Tuesday interval training …. In the rain, Wednesday 6.5 miles ….. In torrential rain! But throughout the feeling of being constantly wet and drowning I still had a smile on my face!!!


Club night in Thursday saw me practically forced into joining the 9:30/mile group …. And I did it! The whole 6.2 miles completed at an average pace of 9:28 per mile! High fives all round, a collapsed Sandie at the end, feeling sick and sore quads for the remainder of the week!

I have examined my programme and reflected on Bournemouth and realised the biggest thing missing …. Strength! I have no glute strength and I’d quite like a 6 pack (ok ill settle for a tummy that doesn’t jog alongside me when I run)! I asked my darling husband for advice …. He told me dead lift, Olympic weights, squats beast the weight! I got a little Mardy with him (I hate weights) told him he was wrong and tweeted for advice!! What advice did I get …. “Squat, dead lift, weights and core training”! So here I say publicly ….. Darling husband Tim Farrow …. You were right!

So I downloaded an app called strong runner …. It’s not very complicated or fancy but just gives advice in different exercises! Also came across a yoga for runners …. Which looks nails but good! And I am pleased to say ….. It’s Saturday morning and I’ve completed abs and my squats already …. Now just for a wee tempo run to complete ….. In the rain!!!


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