10 mile reflection



First ever race …

These pictures are of me pre and post The great south run 2009! The race I trained for when I started running!

Today I thought a Lot about that race! Today was long run day in marathon training and I had to run 10 miles …. The same distance I trained for that first race!

It hit me …. Today I had no trouble or worries or concerns about reaching that distance! But back then …. I remember running my final long training run of 8 miles …. I was so nervous and so excited about doing those 8 but worried if I would ever manage the full 10!? I did of course … I completed it in 1 hour 52 minutes … A time I am still pretty proud of!

Today’s effort ….


The picture of my watch after today’s run!! This “training” 10 miles turned out quicker than my race pace back in 2009. Although that doesn’t shock me (in fact I think something had gone seriously wrong if I wasn’t quicker) It did made me think of my progression! I’ve come a long way!

progression 1. speed training …. I LOVE IT! Short sharp sessions when I feel like I want to die! Before …. I would do anything to avoid getting out of breath … I liked a long slow bimble run!

progression 2. I can run without music! In fact sometimes the music gets into my head too much and it annoys me! I ran my last 2 races without my iPod and surprised myself I could keep going! A good friend of mine used to tell people I was the most unsocial person running wise and I would run “with” people but always have my earphones in!!

Which leads nicely into

progression 3.Running with people! That friend that grumbles about my headphone wearing never ran with me! I hardly ever run with anyone … I ran alone! Since Bournemouth marathon and joining the running club …. I have found a new love for company on the move! But what amazes me even more … I can run quicker …. And talk …. And enjoy it … When I have good company! So for getting me around today at a quicker pace than I had planned …. Thank you to my lovely running friends for a wonderful run and catch up
On a cold Sunday morning!

So 5 years of on and off running I am now addicted! Addicted to pace, distance, routes and running kit! My day revolves around when I am going for my daily session with the pavement! I look back at me running that first 10 miles and I thank her for her commitment …. Because by lacing up those trainers then …. Has led me to my training today!

Bring it on Milton Keynes … That sub 4:30 marathon is mine!!


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