How many pairs of shoes


Today’s question ….How many pairs of trainers does one girl need??

So like a lot of woman …. I love shoes! I am not saying I can walk in many of them (and some i swear i only bought to decorate the wardrobe) and my most favourite set if footwear is my slippers! But I have seen many magazine articles and tweet advice saying have more than one pair of trainers! In fact I have running friends who own more than 2 …. 1 for the car, 1 for home, 1 for the office , trail shows, cross country spike, track spikes…. And so it goes on!!

ME? …… I have my favourite pair of pink and black mizunos, trail shoes and only recently did hubby buy me some cross country spikes! But the latter 2 only get dragged out once in a blue moon (and for those that read parkrun blues on Saturday … The trail shoes may be out this weekend)! But my road shoes are close in the ratings to my slippers … I love them! When I put them on its like my legs become bouncy and springlike and I’m ready for out the door!! But not only do I love them …. They were expensive and I can’t imagine the bank manager would love me too much if I bought two pairs every time!!

here comes the “however”……

This weekend …. Muddy/wet parkrun on Saturday + a disorganised me = forgetting to dry out the shoes I love 2nd best In the world!

Early Sunday morning facing 10 miles of frosty weather …. I did NOT want to be putting my feet in wet cold shoes!!

lightbulb moment!! my old pair of trainers that were changed way to early (because I fancied a pink pair) were “decorating” The bottom of my wardrobe! I dug them out and had an amazing run! Not that I put that down to the shoes but they certainly saved the day … Feet were warm and dry!!

Today I saw a tweet on marathon advice … “Have 2 pairs of trainers and alternate”! I also listen to the marathontalk podcast that said recently “love your trainers before a race … Treat them to the airing cupboard”

I’m still not too sure on the exact science behind that theory! My theory was “if I only have one pair then I will just need new ones quicker”. But having 2 pairs – definately made my feet happier this week! And my next experiment in this marathon training …. Alternate between 2 pairs of trainers … And see if if helps! Ill update you as I go!



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