Two Pairs???



So as promised when I fell out with Parkrun …. I got my second pair of trainers!!! I decided not to mix it up and just upgraded to the newer version of my current slippers …. The mizuno wave nirvana 9! They are LUSH! Comfy, perfect fit and PINK! I immediately fell in love!

However …….

Last Sunday I decided to keep to my old ones to do my scheduled 12 miles as I figured the new ones needed breaking in! The result …… A very painful poorly left hip! Every stride on mondays recovery run left me close to tears – a pain I knew all too well when training for Bournmouth and was told I was wearing the wrong trainers …. So I decided to inspect my slippers ……


Both look like this ….. Completely worn down the outside of the forefoot! I then calculated ….. They have around 400 – 450 miles on them!

The hip ……

The best advice anyone ever gave me …. Take care of the niggles …. Or else niggles turn to injury …. And injury means NO RUNNING!!

I stretched, I heat rubbed, I stretched, I iced, I stretched!!! Now I do not recommend anyone follow my advice as different treatments work different for everyone …. But it worked!

I had a lovely 9:30 per mile club run last night with no hip pain – in the new trainers!!

Now whether it was the stretching, or the extra day rest OR the new trainers I can’t be quite sure!!!

BUT ……

I am not willing to risk the poorly hip again on the account of my shoes …. So I am back to only one pair! So as I send my old comfy slippers to trainer heaven … I just hope my lovely new ones live up!!!

So my promise to review the need for 2 pairs of trainer is still a promise ….. I just need to save up again for my 2nd 2nd pair!!



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