Busy week 5!!!


Busy week ……

So throughout this week there have been a few things running wise I have wanted to blog about ….. but…… 1. The husband coming back from 6 weeks in Iraq, 2. Starting uni again, 3. Training for a marathon, 4. Working full time AND blogging just got too much SO ….. I thought I would finish week 5 with a round up of training!!!!

MONDAY …. recovery run versus just plain old rest …. I chose rest!!! I figured I had a busy running week ahead on my programme so I wouldn’t miss a 30 minute recovery run!!

TUESDAY ….. speed night with running club!! Before i left the house the rain was literally bouncing off the ground!!! the motivation of how i managed to drag myself along is another story BUTI WAS ON FIRE!!! Session was mile reps (I have a love/hate relationship with mile reps!!) But rest Monday obviously worked … I did my fastest reps to date! Managed 8:20, 8:30 and 8:40! Plus a warm up and cool down!! I LOVED it! Really felt like all the hard work was paying off!!!

WEDNESDAY ….. mid week run! Met up with some girlies from club and did 4.5 miles around the town! We were in for a nice steady 10ish minute mile until Abby decided she wanted a race to finish!!! We had a fast last half mile which took us sub 10
Average! For a girl that used to do everything to avoid running with company …. I seem to have embraced it! It now gives me the challenge I need!!

THURSDAY ….. wow my running god of a friend has this time round created a monster … Two runs in one day!! This may kill me Run 1. on the programme as a nice 4 miles …. I underestimated my distance … And did 5 instead!! All at a 10 minute mile!! Run 2. running club!! As usual for a Thursday …. 6 miles … Averaging 10 min miles! Although I think to myself that 10 minute miles is a gentle plod for some people ….. I’m pretty impressed that its my “training pace”! Bloody heck …. Marathon pace is 10:15 and I’m consistently below it for most runs!! This …… Excites me!!!

FRIDAY ….. REST REST REST REST REST REST (and an early night at 10pm) my marathon training Friday nights are so rock and roll!

SATURDAY … whoop whoop it’s parkrun day! And this is my new plan ……


TRAIL SHOES!! all brand new and sparkly …. Until 5km later …….


Not so new and sparkly trail shoes!! However ….. I will embrace the mud and wet …. Because these bad boys knocked a minute off my recent times and ……..


Best parkrun position to date! it was a super happy parkrun day!!!

AND SUNDAY …. long run day sneaked up on me! So Sunday saw 14 miles! Mile 1 can only be described as painful!!! I could not make my legs move … My pace averaged 10:55 for that first one and 10:30 for number 2! So not so bad when I think about …. After all long run days are …. Long and slow right??? Wrong!!! by the time I met the girls I was down to 10:20 and miles 8-10 saw paces of 9:30! So my overall run saw a PB half marathon on the old garmin and 14 miles completed in 2:21:21! super pleased!

Once again I am seeing paces that are faster than I was expected and l still feel fantastic! Training is going well and I can’t wait to see if it all pays off in May!!

Happy running everyone xxxx

picture from March edition of runners world!


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