Speed at speed work!!


My history with speed!!!

The very first running club I joined was stereotypical to what I thought of running clubs! I was a slow runner so I was ignored, made to run back to the start on my own so the others could catch up and just generally made to feel fat, slow and out if my depth! So from then on in I ran alone! I hated running with anyone else and in fact put off even thinking about joining a running club!

When I was eventually told “running clubs are actually quite friendly” and “they would really help me improve” I forced myself to join a new one! I dreaded that first speed session … But I have since grown to love them! I’m
Usually close to the back, I’m usually huffing and puffing and got a screwed up face as I put in all my effort BUT that person who told me I would see improvement …. WAS RIGHT!!


So last nights session was

1600m warm up at a nice gentle pace! Followed by

(600m + 300m + 300 m) x 4

AND I was surprised that I kept up with some of the faster girls and actually gasped at the end of the session when I pushed save on my garmin ….



So average pace (including the warm up) 8:03 …. WOW …. I never ever thought I could ever be possible at seeing those numbers! PLUS … although the lap times are not “consistent miles” I think to keep that pace is something I am so proud of!

Way back then at my first running club I was made to feel a failure … My new running club encourages every runner … No matter what pace … And gets the. To improve!


If one thing comes from writing this blog it’s this …. If any person be they male or female and no matter how slow wants to run, and wants to progress … They deserve to be encouraged and given the tools to help them improve! I’m glad I found my running club … And I would encourage anyone to join one!!!



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