Feeling Rubbish!!



Week 6 started well with rest on Monday and a fab speed session with club on Tuesday which I saw the best times so far! Really felt like I could see the progression! But on Wednesday morning I had a niggle in my calf that I was worried about! I foam rolled pre run with the girls and went and did 6 miles! Although the calf was fine I felt sluggish the whole way and after almost getting run over my a stupid car failing to indicate I retired home and put Wednesday on the “bad run list!!

Thursday … was planned for 2 runs again but as I had the niggling calf I decided to stick to just the one run and go to running club and run easy! So did a nice 10 minute mile 6 miles and felt like I had my stride back!

Friday …. the DISASTER starts! Sore throat, runny nose and a bit of a cough! Cool all advice I read says I can run with that right!?

Saturday …. developed a cough overnight from Friday and parkrun is cancelled so I decide it is best to let my cough settle and rest today! I figured … I’d rather miss 3 miles today that 15 on Sunday!

Sunday …. real disaster! I am ILL proper ill! The cold … Has hit the chest! I have never ever ever in my life heard anyone cough as much as I have! My ribs hurt, my sternum hurts, I’m sure my diaphragm hurts, my head hurts, everything just HURTS!


So this is how I feel! And I MUST REST!

So my advice for anyone (based on what I’ve read) …..

1. Anything above the neck … Sore throat, headache, runny nose = Run

2. Any signs of chest problems = don’t run

3. I think the most important is to listen to your body!

I feel rubbish that I have to rest … It’s like guilt has invaded me! I want to get out and get those miles in but I know that if I run today ….. I probably will be too ill to run for a week!



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