The return to Milton Keynes Parkrun



So because I needed to visit the Apple store  we decided to get out of bed an extra half hour early (following a late night after a valentines date night), on a cold, wet, stormy, blustery Saturday to go to Milton Keynes and not Oxford!  I have to admit I was dreading it.  My Parkrun life started at Milton Keynes back in August and saw a time of 27:11 and returned the next week to get a PB of 27:05.  That PB has been my nemesis and I have been trying to break it ever since.  I started to get annoyed and became a park run tourist to try and keep me entertained with different courses.

The Course

The course is 1 lap!!  I love 1 lap courses! I know it’s all in my head but the monotony of going round and round destroys my times and I feel like I want to die by the end of the 1st Kilometre.  BUT what Milton Keynes does have is a Zig Zagging hill at 2km that murders my legs.  I wish I had a photo to show to put on (in fact I will make that my mission next time) PLUS the park has been flooded recently so lots of puddles around AND on top of that there was a hurdle in the way:


Other than this – I have fallen in love with the Milton Keynes course.  It is a beautiful course around the lake and I would def recommend to anyone visiting the area.

So How Did I do?

Well as usual I started a little bit far forward than I should.  I always follow the husband who is quicker than me ….. so the first kilometre was me trying to gasp every last bit of air whilst every single person running overtakes me (or that’s how it feels).  By the time I reached the rancid zig zags (hubby calls it the travelator as it feels as epic as watching gladiators as a child) I had settled into my stride.  I was on fire.  I feel like I had an outer body experience looking at my legs thinking – “come on girls keep pumping – where did you find this strength”.  I even managed to overtake a few people.


I felt that strong all the way. I knew I was going quicker than my previous few weeks despite the gale force winds feeling like I was running on the spot at times.  The lake is obviously “still” water – but I swear it felt like it was producing waves. The wind was so strong ….. but the legs kept going.

Pipped at the post!!!

Coming round the final bend i thought dig deep sprint!!! It was like i was running to win the race of my life ….. ono to be overtaken at the final few metres by a young girl of around 13 years old.


It might not have been a PB!  It is nowhere near “winning” to be classed as “fast”. But my time was a nice 27:32!!  not bad considering the weather, the tiredness and the hurdle at 4km but the best bit i can say is – I loved every single step of it!! Maybe my sub 27 will come soon!!!


2 thoughts on “The return to Milton Keynes Parkrun

  1. Well done! I think you will break that PB very soon. Your Milton Keynes time was brilliant for the weather and course, I’m impressed and a wee bit jealous! I’m still trying to snag an ‘official’ sub-40 5km!

    1. thank you! same goes to you … PB will come! I remember when I couldn’t run 100 metres without stopping and crying because I was so terrible! love your blog …. really inspires me!!

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