End of Week 7!!



I woke up this morning (after the best sleep I’ve had in forever) and thought where has this week gone??  I feel like I have not run very much …. and I realised that I dropped my usual Thursday run so feel like I’ve cheated a bit.

Rest days ….. think I’ve cheated a wee bit this week and had 3 (yes 3) rest days!  Monday saw a few squats and lunges – but nothing I can class as a workout!  Thursday was booked as pre valentines night with hubby and the hustle and bustle of life got in the way throughout the day so Thursday session was missed and I decided to keep my Friday rest!

Actual Runs ….. I Have to admit though that I have actually had a productive week considering i was so poorly last weekend that I asked hubby to watch i didn’t stop breathing in the middle of the night!  All my chest muscles hurt and I felt like breathing was such an effort!  But having not run at all last weekend … by Tuesday I was desperate to go out!  My common sense head said “stay away from speed training at club and do a nice sensible slow 3 miles” where as my heart said “just go to club and take it easy”!  THEN came a text from my good friend and running buddy Kirsty ….. “are you coming to club tonight, my legs are pretty tired so we can just take it really slow” so the heart won!  off i went to be told we were doing 1Km reps ….. I wasn’t letting my garmin beat me and just went for it!  Wasn’t as fast as previous weeks …. but wasn’t far off!  Chest didn’t feel to bad afterwards so was pretty pleased that Kirsty persuaded my heart rather than my head! Considering we both felt a bit rubbish … we both went for it and had a FAB session!

Wednesday ….. the plan said …. 9 miles!!!  Could I actually face 9 miles, post a day at uni, cough still lingering??  I met up with 2 more club mates and thought I would just see how I got on!!  9 Miles Smashed!  Felt great!  Could just keep going!!

Saturday …. I have already posted about it but need to mention it again!!  Milton Keynes park run …… best run in a while!  Everything clicked and that “running high” stayed all day!!

Long run SUNDAY …. Training for Bournmouth marathon I had a mind block at 15 miles …. most runs I ended up calling Hubby at 15 miles crying …. please come and pick me up!  Today i had 16 miles  …. i was dreading it.  2 miles alone, 10 with the girls and 4 miles alone!  16 miles done …. at 10:20 pace …. again I managed to do it at not much over my planned marathon pace of 10:15!!!  I am getting so edited about trying to get 4.5 hour marathon and at the minute it seems so achievable! I am getting excited!

What now???

I feel like the last few sundays have just been a diary of my week!  I am excited about the next few weeks!  I will actually have some races to review!  Next week …. Winslow 10k then Silverstone half (so excited about this one …. and would love 2 hours) followed by Banbury 15!

So for now … keep running!Image


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