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So the inlaws are moving house and hubby and I said we would help them out! So this weekend we found ourselves in Sheffield and I insisted that we HAD to do parkrun ….. It’s on the marathon training programme after all!!

So up we got and toddled down to Endcliffe Park!


Wow …. This is the busiest I’ve ever seen a parkrun! I estimated nearly 500 people but what was more inspiring was all the kids! They all seemed to be part of a running club … All looked the part, and all desperate to get going!

As usual there was a great community feel around and there was even a wee cake stall selling goodies ….. Once again I had no money on me so missed out in said goodies!


Endcliffe park is not very big! But out of the 4 parkrun courses I have down it is definatley one of the prettiest! It’s two laps around the park but there is a stream that runs through it …. It was just beautiful!

Me and the hub a dub started nearer to the back than we normally do (nice to be polite when visiting new locations I think)! But this was a negative point to start with because the start is quite narrow and with all the people around it got quite bunched up and I found myself struggling to gain momentum and get going! So in my head I settled for “your racing a half marathon tomorrow so just treat this is a nice gentle pleasant 3 mile run” well…… once I got into the open my legs just went on “go go gadget legs” mode!


I made the mistake of turning left back towards the finish thinking I was almost there and I could start my sprint home! WRONG!! you head towards the finish then turn right again to do a 200 metre (ish) loop that brings you round! My legs felt like they were about to buckle beneath me!

So I had started slow, settling for a nice easy run, legs picked up followed by an early sprint that left me almost blowing up before I could finish!

So … I crossed the line …. Turned the garmin off ….. 26:32!!!!! WOW WOW WOW Ive been trying to get that sub 27 minute since August last year when my 2nd ever parkrun set my PB! I’ve been up in 29 minute marks, back down to the 28 minute mark … Followed by back at 27:30 something! But never been to come close to even 27:00!


The scanner won’t scan my barcode …. ARGGGGGGHHHHH! But a nice man took my number and position and wrote it down … I begged him to make sure it went on …. I needed to see it on the results page!

My “official” park run time was 26:57! My garmin was out because of the slow start …. I started it once I got moving! So in happy both ways …. I know my garmin is my run time and the web page is my “gun time” either way I RUN SUB 27 MINUTES! I even had a wee dance when I met up with Tim at the finish line!



I would highly recommend Endcliffe park as a course! It’s very very pretty and super friendly! It was so inspiring to see so many people running! Every type of runner out doing it! But the most awesome thing was all the kids! I could literally if just run with the next Jess Ennis or Mo Farah! Getting kids doing sport is amazing (and of course running is the best sport to get into)! So thank you to all the runners, supporters and volunteers at Endcliffe Park today … You made my day!!

Love Sandie xxxx


2 thoughts on “Park run PB

  1. Well done! Endcliffe Park is fantastical. I haven’t Park Runned there (nor indeed anywhere yet) but we were there this afternoon to play in the park with the kids. And feed the ducks. I can easily imagine it being a great place to do a Park Run. I ran home from there afterwards too which was nice.

    Hope the move went well for the in laws! We miss them…

    And I hope it all goes really well tomorrow.


    1. The move been ok …. Still lots of boxes but everything is physically moved!

      Sorry we missed you on this trip …. Was a flying visit! Definately should get together on a visit! X

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