Curse of the Shoes



This was the title of a post I wrote several weeks back! Based on lots of advice out there that says its beneficial when putting in lots of weekly miles to have 2 pairs of trainers! I personally didn’t know if I believed this or not …. But I decided to give it a go and buy a second pair!!

2 pairs – 1 pair

Regular readers of my blog will
Know I kept my promise! I went off to my local running store to buy my second pair! I was told by the nice salesman “the shoes your in are already in need replaced” they were so worn down on one side – it explained my recent hip pain which I get when I don’t have enough support!

So I upgraded my old faithfuls mizuno nirvana 8’s to a beautiful new pair of mizuno nirvana 9’s. because it was the same shoe just a new model … I decided to save some pennies and search for the cheapest option online!

The curse begins ….

They arrived .. So pretty and I was so excitedto get out in them! As soon as I laced them up I just didn’t feel right! I felt like I could move my foot a bit much, to secure them I had to tie them a bit tight, I felt “clunky running in them! I came to the conclusion that I just needed to run them in! I was just missing my old comfies!!

The long run ….

This theory went out the window when I went for a 13 miler in them! Big blister on the inside of my foot! I made the final decision …. They were too big!

Change brand???

So my darling husband who supports my running massively said “I want you to smash this marathon – just buy another pair”

So off to the shop I went!!! Gait analysed, several pairs later, a wee run on the treadmill I settled on a pair of asics! The were comfy, pink laces, comfy …. But I did feel guilty for cheating on my mizunos that have been so faithful to my feet for years!!


Run 1 …. felt bouncy but sore toes!

Run 2 …. balls of my feet Hurt

Run 3 …. all of the above plus blisters on my toes!

Silverstone half … I actually thought I was about to get a stress fracture in my foot!

It took me all my courage to tell hubby that I didn’t like these ones either!! But there was no way on earth I could run a marathon in them!

Saving the day ….

I don’t know why but I contacted the up and running store I bought them from and explained the situation! They offered to change them …. No questions asked!



I am finally happy with mizuno! These gorgeous Inspire 10’s fit perfectly! They have even seen me round an epic 18 mile, Yorkshire style undulating run at the weekend and my feet are finally happy!


1. I think one of the biggest mistake I made was to jump in with the upgrade online! I hadn’t tried on the nirvana 9 …. I just expected it to be the same! I am not saying online is bad but I think in future I would wither get the exact same model OR Try them on in store first! I think the design may have changed ever so slightly which meant the 4.5 I had been running in was so a bit big!

2. I always hear people say … Don’t change brand! And I don’t think I ever will again! Mizuno Fit my weird shaped feet perfectly and I know I can trust them! I know people who swear by all the other brands …. They probably would never dream of changing to mizuno just because they love their own brand! So here’s hoping mizuno keep making awesome shoes …. Ill be lost if they stop!!!

How many pairs …

Despite owning 4 different pairs in the last 3 months …. I still only have one pair!!!


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