I’m Back!!!



Well it’s been too long! I don’t even know where to start!

I started this blog at the beginning of my 18 week marathon programme and managed to keep it up for a while! BUT … life got in the way! My parents always said I like a challenge and it’s taken my 30 years to admit ….. They were right!!

Training for a marathon, doing a post graduate course at university and being a full time mum and wife started to take it’s toll! It was RUN or BLOG ….. Hence why we are playing catch up!


White horse half…


So post silverstone where I managed an amazing PB …. The next race was the white horse half marathon!!! As usual I discussed tactics with my marathon guru and his advice ….. marathon pace ….. This is not the race …… The marathon is the race!!! DO NOT PUSH IT!!!

So of I go ….. Not going to push it! TOP TIP 1. when your not planning on pushing it ….. Don’t get chatting to two lovely girls from other running clubs! Felt great, plodding around, chatting away ….. Even got overtaken my a juggling paramedic!! Finished in ……. 2:02:40 ….. I was so angry with myself ….. If I pushed a little bit I could of gone sub 2!!!

Great race, good course, well organised and PB potential …. Will def be doing again next year!!


5k ….. 3 person relay!! …. IT HURT that’s all I have to say on that!! My running club came out on top …. But it hurt! Not a lover of 5k …. So think I need to practice them!







Pre race photos!

I was up (was more proud that the seventeen year old son of mine was up with no complaints to come support), porridged, packed AND NERVOUS !!!

I had been so calm in the lead up but all of a sudden it dawned on my it was the day!

My friends drove us …. Lee was running his second marathon in a month and my amazing friend Kirsty was coming to support us!!

The sun was out, the stadium was starting to fill up with runners and I have to say …… it was a terrific well organised race!

There was no starting waves and half marathon and full marathoners started together! I met a runner from my club who was running the half and we decided to run the first 10 miles together! I’m glad I did ….. Good company made the first hour or so fly by (although I probably went a little bit too fast to start off)!!

One complaint …… It was not the flat route I had been promised!! It was by no mean undulating but there was definately hills!

BUT ….. 27 minute PB …… I did it in 4:37! It wasn’t quite the 4:30 …. And it was hot ….. But I loved it. My mind was strong, I felt physically good (although knackered) and I loved it! Simple! The stadium finish was amazing …. Even better that my son and friends and half my running club were the first thing I seen when entering the stadium! SPRINT FINISH …. But have to say a didn’t realise that after 26.2 miles ….. A lap of a football pitch is a LONG way!!!

Negatives …

Only 1 ….. The goodie bag was awful! A mini mars and a banana with a few leaflets thrown in! And no t-shirt!!



One of my favourites!!!


So now it’s finished ….. I’ve already got more races in sights and will be doing a third ….. I need to chase that 4:30!!!

My uni course is over too …. Which means more blog time!!!




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