Well ….. Maybe not super star like celebrity famous …. BUT I’m in this months womens running magazine!!!


I replied to a tweet a few months ago looking for people to take part in the great debate and was asked to go to London to talk about “wacky races”! I’ll let you but a copy to see what we discussed in full but basically …..

There are loads of races to chose from …. And if wacky races get people running then I’m all for it!!! However soon after this was printed I did a half marathon where I got overtaken by a man dressed in air ambulance clothing (including helmet) ….. juggling …. He actually JUGGLES the whole way!! He broke my heart!!


I had a great morning in London and met some great people …. Girls which I now keep in contact with and have even seen at races!! I loved meeting everyone at womens running …. It’s my favourite running magazine!! When I first started running I didn’t understand all the running jargon …. Pace, threshold, fartlek, blah blah blah …. Womens running is brilliant at explaining all those things!!

Anyway …. Just a short post to tell you all about my fame …. Now go buy a copy and read all about my experience with scooby doo xxx


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