Not running = pounds added



so the photo looks a little different from the ones I usually post! Normally me in my club running vest, whatever shiny bright running capris I’ve bought this week with one hand on my hip sporting what ever medal I’ve added to the collection! This week I donned my uniform and went on the exercise with the army – us civilised RAF usually prefer hotels but I was up for it! I’m not going to bore you with tents etc etc but what you do need to know is about my determination to run while I was away!!!

Well …. The camp was 1k in circumference ….. And we were not allowed off site!! Great I can just do laps and to make it worse The food was fried stuff with fried stuff!! I had no ear phones, my phone wouldn’t get internet to download marathon talk ….. AAASRRRGGHHH!

determination fail!!!

I did one 5k in loops (soul
Destroying)! My determination turned to “it’s only a week so sod it!” Now feeling guilty and don’t know why I did it!! Lesson learned …. Just run …. You know you’ll regret it otherwise!

So I’m back …. And I have a race tonight!!! Eeeeek …. I shall race report and let you know how much harder and slower I got with a week of gaining a few pounds xxx


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