How long??? New goals!!!



I can’t believe how long it has been since I wrote in here pledging to get back into running after having the miscarriage!! Things didn’t get much better and I had lots of complications so life how I knew it went on the back burner!! One thing I did do to help focus my head was took a charity place in the london marathon!! Training went well and I am proud to say I knocked another 7 mins off my Pb and managed 4:31:08!! I am however claiming it as sub 4:30 and the good old garmin clocked almost 27 miles!!!


Surprise surprise

However 2 days after I wasn’t recovering the way I normally did …. I felt really awful!! I just felt ill and exhausted but not in the normal way for me!! And then I realised that london had DEFINATEY taken my mind off things ………


Yup …. There it is in 2 wee lines …. PREGNANT!!

And this one has stuck!! I’m now 28 weeks and counting down the days till babyfaz arrives!!!

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy but we have moved house and lots of other stresses so running has unfortunatly taken a bit of a back burner but i am still managing to parkrun here and there and only adding 4 minutes to my time



I can’t lie …. I’m missing me!! Not running, not racing, missing running club, growing big, slowing down, feeling like I’m going to wee when I run is just not a good combination and started to make me miserableness


…….. I have booked my first post pregnancy race!!! MK HALF MARATHON in May!! I know it doesn’t give me long to train but if I do it in 3 hours I don’t care!! It’s somewhere to start and improve and get back to where I was!! They say PBs are set after having babies …. Im hoping it’s true!!

I completed MK marathon in 2014 and have to admit I can’t wait to go back for the half!! It was recently voted top 3rd fastest marathon in UK ….. I just wish I would be in the position to push for it!!

Anyway my point …. I’m
Back blogging!! And this time not just with race reviews and Moans!! This time I have purpose!! To show a real woman, curves and all, on her journey through (what’s left) of pregnancy and return to shape and running fitness …. All with a goal in mind …. MK HALF MARATHON



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