Run? Can’t even walk!!!!



I was hoping I’d be one of these people that could say I did parkrun the morning I gave birth ….. Turns out my baby boy has other ideas!! I’m MASSIVE and now at 32 weeks and 4 days (can you tell im counting) my pelvis has decided to hurt!! And when I say hurt I mean OUCH!! I’m an active person and usually non stop … But … More than 3 hours on my feet and I’m done for!!


Had a bit of a moody night explaining to husband that im fed up! I want a good run or a good spin session! Enough of his gentle swim chat …. I want blood,sweat and tears and to feel like I’m about to vomit!! But I made a decision …. Its only 7 weeks and 3 days till his arrival (ish) and I can get back into it! I want to thrive at the challenge of getting back in shape!! I can’t wait to meet him and get training for mk half and to make this wee man proud of his fit, determined mum!!!


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