Well this was me a few years ago – I HATED all things healthy and after having my son at only 13 years old …. I piled on weight! Despite being overweight and unhealthy I decided that when I left school I wanted to join the Royal Air Force – a job that required physical fitness … Right?

Well …. How I got through basic training I will NEVER know! And I am
Slightly ashamed to admit …. I barely ever passed my fitness test for the first 8 years of my career …. I was forever having remedial Physical training! I would go to the gym and do a 10 minute walk/jog every now and again and thought it entitled me to eat that Chinese or pizza!!

It wasn’t until I returned from my first tour of Afghanistan and saw pictures of myself! I had struggled in the heat and for the first time became aware of the 13.5 stones I was carrying on my 5ft 3 frame!! I knew then I had to diet …. And I joined a slimming club … And started running ….. Losing 3.5 stones!

It wasn’t pretty … I was slow … And my first ever run involved me jogging approx 100 metres and sobbing because “I didn’t like that I couldn’t breathe and I looked stupid” BUT I got there …. Running the Great South Run in 1 hour 52 minutes in 2009 then Reading half marathon in 2 hours 10, followed by the Great South run again … Knocking 27 minutes off my time within the year!!



Well I eventually made it to the full marathon! It was TOUGH! I did 5 hours 5 minutes and when I crossed the finish line … I cried – telling my husband and son profusely how ill I felt but for next time I need to do more training!

The point of this story is ….

I thought I looked stupid running!! But now when I see kids, woman, older people, fast people, slow people …. ANYONE out running …. I realise that it’s the start that counts … Getting trainers on is THE HARDEST part! Everyone starts somewhere … And that somewhere can lead you to your dream …. Which leads to a healthier, happier, fitter you! And if I can encourage one person …. Male or female …. Old or young ….. Fast or slow…. To get out running – I will be happy!!

My dream now? …. To get my marathon under 4:30 ….. and I will keep you all updated with my progress, training and running thoughts.


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