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Feeling Rubbish!!



Week 6 started well with rest on Monday and a fab speed session with club on Tuesday which I saw the best times so far! Really felt like I could see the progression! But on Wednesday morning I had a niggle in my calf that I was worried about! I foam rolled pre run with the girls and went and did 6 miles! Although the calf was fine I felt sluggish the whole way and after almost getting run over my a stupid car failing to indicate I retired home and put Wednesday on the “bad run list!!

Thursday … was planned for 2 runs again but as I had the niggling calf I decided to stick to just the one run and go to running club and run easy! So did a nice 10 minute mile 6 miles and felt like I had my stride back!

Friday …. the DISASTER starts! Sore throat, runny nose and a bit of a cough! Cool all advice I read says I can run with that right!?

Saturday …. developed a cough overnight from Friday and parkrun is cancelled so I decide it is best to let my cough settle and rest today! I figured … I’d rather miss 3 miles today that 15 on Sunday!

Sunday …. real disaster! I am ILL proper ill! The cold … Has hit the chest! I have never ever ever in my life heard anyone cough as much as I have! My ribs hurt, my sternum hurts, I’m sure my diaphragm hurts, my head hurts, everything just HURTS!


So this is how I feel! And I MUST REST!

So my advice for anyone (based on what I’ve read) …..

1. Anything above the neck … Sore throat, headache, runny nose = Run

2. Any signs of chest problems = don’t run

3. I think the most important is to listen to your body!

I feel rubbish that I have to rest … It’s like guilt has invaded me! I want to get out and get those miles in but I know that if I run today ….. I probably will be too ill to run for a week!



Parkrun Blues


Today’s training session (like every Saturday in my programme ….. Parkrun!

My husband, my son and I alternate between Milton Keynes (with a horrendous zig zag hill at 2k) and Oxford (flatter but laps – I HATE laps)!! With Tim being away at the minute I arranged to meet one of my club friends at Oxford! I was up, had breakfast and felt motivated! I wanted a PB and get below that 27 minute!

Well …….. I don’t even want to talk about it!

The start …..

Mistake number 1 …. for some stupid reason we started … ON the start line with the super fast elite totally awesome people!! I had a 7 or 8 year old literally barge me out of the way – I thought at that point …. “I’ll keep up with you” WRONG DECISION!!!!

We started at a 7:30 min/mile pace … Wow I didn’t know my legs even knew that speed existed! I didn’t keep that up long and after approx 2km I started to have the dry heaves on the move! I was failing fast so told my friend to run on … I had to slow down!

The course …..

Mistake number 2 …. Oxford park run is a muddy course in the rain and as half of Oxford is currently under water – chasing that PB was not a good idea! I was slipping and sliding all over the place and although good fun I felt like I couldn’t get my legs to move at times!

The result ….

My PB to date was as Milton Keynes in 27:08 …. My garmin said I completed today in 29:11 (official time was 29:03) … I felt devastated! I came home and had a little cry to Tim and felt defeated! 2 minutes on my time seemed like the end of the world!!

Reality check …

I chatted to Tim and text my good friend Matt (my running god who helps me with all my training) who both put it into perspective ….

This time last year I wasn’t running …. I would never of completed a parkrun!!!

So positive thought 1. the hardest run is the one you don’t do! So take note that I did it … I got my trainers on and I got out the door!

positive thought 2. I completed it with an average pace of 9:15 min/mile! That pace was one I couldn’t hold for 1km a year ago …. So the fact I can now hold it for 5km is an achievement in itself!! It might not be the 8 min/mile I ultimately want to achieve … But there are people behind me that would like to hold my pace! It’s all relative … I remembered that the point of “training” is to get better! PLUS …. It was practically a cross country run today so 2 minutes added onto my “perfect condition” time is not too bad!!!!

Positive thought 3. today’s run wasn’t the race! The race is in Milton Keynes on bank holiday weekend in May! TODAY …. Was training! It was 3 miles ticked off the training programme and it was 3 miles closer to my 4:30 marathon … And it completed this weeks target for jantastic 2014!!

So I’ve dried my eyes … I’ve taken my parkrun blues and turned them into running highs!