I’m Back!!!



Well it’s been too long! I don’t even know where to start!

I started this blog at the beginning of my 18 week marathon programme and managed to keep it up for a while! BUT … life got in the way! My parents always said I like a challenge and it’s taken my 30 years to admit ….. They were right!!

Training for a marathon, doing a post graduate course at university and being a full time mum and wife started to take it’s toll! It was RUN or BLOG ….. Hence why we are playing catch up!


White horse half…


So post silverstone where I managed an amazing PB …. The next race was the white horse half marathon!!! As usual I discussed tactics with my marathon guru and his advice ….. marathon pace ….. This is not the race …… The marathon is the race!!! DO NOT PUSH IT!!!

So of I go ….. Not going to push it! TOP TIP 1. when your not planning on pushing it ….. Don’t get chatting to two lovely girls from other running clubs! Felt great, plodding around, chatting away ….. Even got overtaken my a juggling paramedic!! Finished in ……. 2:02:40 ….. I was so angry with myself ….. If I pushed a little bit I could of gone sub 2!!!

Great race, good course, well organised and PB potential …. Will def be doing again next year!!


5k ….. 3 person relay!! …. IT HURT that’s all I have to say on that!! My running club came out on top …. But it hurt! Not a lover of 5k …. So think I need to practice them!







Pre race photos!

I was up (was more proud that the seventeen year old son of mine was up with no complaints to come support), porridged, packed AND NERVOUS !!!

I had been so calm in the lead up but all of a sudden it dawned on my it was the day!

My friends drove us …. Lee was running his second marathon in a month and my amazing friend Kirsty was coming to support us!!

The sun was out, the stadium was starting to fill up with runners and I have to say …… it was a terrific well organised race!

There was no starting waves and half marathon and full marathoners started together! I met a runner from my club who was running the half and we decided to run the first 10 miles together! I’m glad I did ….. Good company made the first hour or so fly by (although I probably went a little bit too fast to start off)!!

One complaint …… It was not the flat route I had been promised!! It was by no mean undulating but there was definately hills!

BUT ….. 27 minute PB …… I did it in 4:37! It wasn’t quite the 4:30 …. And it was hot ….. But I loved it. My mind was strong, I felt physically good (although knackered) and I loved it! Simple! The stadium finish was amazing …. Even better that my son and friends and half my running club were the first thing I seen when entering the stadium! SPRINT FINISH …. But have to say a didn’t realise that after 26.2 miles ….. A lap of a football pitch is a LONG way!!!

Negatives …

Only 1 ….. The goodie bag was awful! A mini mars and a banana with a few leaflets thrown in! And no t-shirt!!



One of my favourites!!!


So now it’s finished ….. I’ve already got more races in sights and will be doing a third ….. I need to chase that 4:30!!!

My uni course is over too …. Which means more blog time!!!




Derwent Reservoir Long Run



Well the photo above was took by hubby at mile 7ish!!! I think I look pretty good! My runners high from silverstone lasted all Sunday into my rest day in Monday and then …. crash!!!! Sandie was TIRED! I had given silverstone all my effort I forgot I had to train for the rest of the week! Family and things got on top on Tuesday so I decided to give myself an extra day off before doing 10 miles on Wednesday before seeing another PB of the week in Thursday when I ran by usual club 6 miles at 9:10 pace (I’m normally no faster than 9:40)! This was followed by another PB at Sheffield Hallam parkrun (fantastic parkrun to do)! So pretty good week running!

Sunday run!!!

Now my problem for the weekend was we were visiting family in sheffield – I had – 18 miles to do and didn’t know where to go!! So hubby decided to take me to derwent reservoir – I could run and him and his brother could do some fitness of their own! Perfect!

Woke up …. A perfect day for running! Sun was out and lovely and fresh! I even run in a t-shirt!!

As we arrived I was worried about getting lost, collapsing , not being able to finish!! So hubby asked a man out walking how far the run was! His reply was “run round derwent it’s 10 miles, run round derwent AND ladybower and it’s 15 ish”.


SO because I felt nervous about my new run I decided to leave my water with the lads and run the 10 mile route …. Twice (but meeting at the car which would make 18 miles)! So off I went!

Lost …..

Well the plan went wrong! I ended up running both reservoirs ….. With no water! It’s sheffield area so bloody hilly (I live in Oxfordshire – hills are non existent)! The only thing that kept me going …. The views …..


I actually think this was my favourite run EVER!!!

It was beautiful, everyone was friendly and said Hi … I was more impressed that I passed a man on mile 3 running the other way that I then passed again near the end …. And he looked how I felt!! As we passed a smile and a few … “Good effort” comments I lifted my chest high determined to finish the last few miles!!!

By the time I met Tim … He said “where have you been … Do you still need to do another lap” – I could kill him! But instead I gasped for water! Thank goodness I had taken my gels with me!

I had managed to RUN the full 18 without stopping at pace I was very very happy with!! Training for bournmouth last year I struggled with these long runs and never completed anything over 15 miles without walking for a while!

Happy with training …

So I’m still happy with how training is going! Only 8 weeks to go …. The next 6 weeks being the toughest on my programme!! I just keep thinking of the feeling of crossing that line …. And all this tiredness, effort, dedication and commitment will be worth it!

This weeks lessons ..

1. Yorkshire is beautiful to run in …. Highly recommend this run!!

2. Don’t leave your water behind …. It’s important!

3. Love SiS gels …. Can really feel them work!


Where is your favourite run??

Love Sandie xx

Curse of the Shoes



This was the title of a post I wrote several weeks back! Based on lots of advice out there that says its beneficial when putting in lots of weekly miles to have 2 pairs of trainers! I personally didn’t know if I believed this or not …. But I decided to give it a go and buy a second pair!!

2 pairs – 1 pair

Regular readers of my blog will
Know I kept my promise! I went off to my local running store to buy my second pair! I was told by the nice salesman “the shoes your in are already in need replaced” they were so worn down on one side – it explained my recent hip pain which I get when I don’t have enough support!

So I upgraded my old faithfuls mizuno nirvana 8’s to a beautiful new pair of mizuno nirvana 9’s. because it was the same shoe just a new model … I decided to save some pennies and search for the cheapest option online!

The curse begins ….

They arrived .. So pretty and I was so excitedto get out in them! As soon as I laced them up I just didn’t feel right! I felt like I could move my foot a bit much, to secure them I had to tie them a bit tight, I felt “clunky running in them! I came to the conclusion that I just needed to run them in! I was just missing my old comfies!!

The long run ….

This theory went out the window when I went for a 13 miler in them! Big blister on the inside of my foot! I made the final decision …. They were too big!

Change brand???

So my darling husband who supports my running massively said “I want you to smash this marathon – just buy another pair”

So off to the shop I went!!! Gait analysed, several pairs later, a wee run on the treadmill I settled on a pair of asics! The were comfy, pink laces, comfy …. But I did feel guilty for cheating on my mizunos that have been so faithful to my feet for years!!


Run 1 …. felt bouncy but sore toes!

Run 2 …. balls of my feet Hurt

Run 3 …. all of the above plus blisters on my toes!

Silverstone half … I actually thought I was about to get a stress fracture in my foot!

It took me all my courage to tell hubby that I didn’t like these ones either!! But there was no way on earth I could run a marathon in them!

Saving the day ….

I don’t know why but I contacted the up and running store I bought them from and explained the situation! They offered to change them …. No questions asked!



I am finally happy with mizuno! These gorgeous Inspire 10’s fit perfectly! They have even seen me round an epic 18 mile, Yorkshire style undulating run at the weekend and my feet are finally happy!


1. I think one of the biggest mistake I made was to jump in with the upgrade online! I hadn’t tried on the nirvana 9 …. I just expected it to be the same! I am not saying online is bad but I think in future I would wither get the exact same model OR Try them on in store first! I think the design may have changed ever so slightly which meant the 4.5 I had been running in was so a bit big!

2. I always hear people say … Don’t change brand! And I don’t think I ever will again! Mizuno Fit my weird shaped feet perfectly and I know I can trust them! I know people who swear by all the other brands …. They probably would never dream of changing to mizuno just because they love their own brand! So here’s hoping mizuno keep making awesome shoes …. Ill be lost if they stop!!!

How many pairs …

Despite owning 4 different pairs in the last 3 months …. I still only have one pair!!!

Silverstone Half




I didn’t chose to run silverstone half – I promised I would run it with a friend who later dropped out! But I have to say that on race day I was glad I had! Some of my friends were up at the crack of dawn to get to reading but the late start (midday) and the fact that Silverstone is 15 minutes from my house meant I could have half of a lie in! Plenty of time to get up, porridged up, dressed and ready to rock!



When I woke up the day looked promising! I swear the birds were singing and it seemed the sun had its hat on!! Well…. as you can see from the photo above …. It all disappeared! It was FREEZING!! After this pic was taken I run off to get ready and hated taking my warm layer off! It was windy cold and threatening to rain! I then said to hubby “well the weather ain’t too great for a PB day but if I can get 2:05 ill be happy”!

The startline ….

I am a HUGE motorbike fan and couldn’t wait to get onto the track! I was a bit late getting ready so started a bit further back than I wanted … But I was right on the grid and felt excited. There was a great atmosphere and buzz – got chatting to a few people and my nerves started to disappear.



I can only really tolerate SiS gels (I will review them properly later) but I do t normally start my nutrition until about 60 minutes into a race! BUT …. in a recent runners world article I read about a nutrition strategy! So I decided to start with a gel at the start …. And then every 40 minutes! Im no expert but it worked a treat! I had the caffeine one at mile 10 and really felt the lift it gave me!


Many people told me “be prepared to be bored” …. but … I have to say bored was not an emotion I felt during the race! Like I said …. Big bike fan … Loved running through the pits, starting on the grid, blah blah blah I loved it!! Spectators were at approx miles 3, 7 and 11 … And I easily identified my gang cheering me on! When no spectators were around … The marshals stayed encouraging and kept my spirits up calling out my running club printed on my vest!

It includes 3 water stops and 2 lucazade stops (I didn’t have lucazade) which were perfectly placed! The bottles were small enough that I Could easily carry it on the go too!

Now one thing I have to say that chuckled me was ….. the racing line! this was the only down fall … Everyone followed the racing line … Which meant bunching up in the bends which meant slowing down a bit! It couldn’t be helped but when I tell you my finish time you can see where I could of made up those pesky few seconds!

Silverstone IS NOT FLAT!!! I agree it’s not undulating … But there are a couple of “steady inclines” ….. I wasn’t expecting them …. And coupled with the wind …. Another few seconds could of been Gained!!



Well at that finish line I actually felt like Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe! I sprint like I’d never sprint before ….. Just hoping I had scraped a PB! I was not expecting what I saw on the garmin!! 2:01:20 ….. 9.5 minutes off my PB! I was jumping for joy … I wanted to cry … Couldn’t believe I’d just run 13.1 miles at an average pace just over 9 min miles!! I am now planning my next strategy though to get that peaky 1:20 off the end!!! I still can’t believe a sub 2 hour half marathon is within reach when 3.5 years ago I did 10 miles in 1:55 at the great south run! I still amaze myself with how far I’ve come!!!

I found the family just as it started bucketing down!



My runners high lasted all day! It lasted even longer when I clicked on the marathon photo link and noticed that I actually look half decent in my photos …. I didn’t look dead, old, in pain or wobbly!!! I might even buy one!!!


The goody bag was just as good as the race!! It included An energy breakfast bar, peppermint tea pig tea bags which I’m now addicted to) an AWESOME medal shaped like a tyre and a cool t-shirt!!


In summary …. a great race! Well organised, good fun, great atmosphere, great marshals, all in all … A great day!!

Happy running xxxx

Park run PB



So the inlaws are moving house and hubby and I said we would help them out! So this weekend we found ourselves in Sheffield and I insisted that we HAD to do parkrun ….. It’s on the marathon training programme after all!!

So up we got and toddled down to Endcliffe Park!


Wow …. This is the busiest I’ve ever seen a parkrun! I estimated nearly 500 people but what was more inspiring was all the kids! They all seemed to be part of a running club … All looked the part, and all desperate to get going!

As usual there was a great community feel around and there was even a wee cake stall selling goodies ….. Once again I had no money on me so missed out in said goodies!


Endcliffe park is not very big! But out of the 4 parkrun courses I have down it is definatley one of the prettiest! It’s two laps around the park but there is a stream that runs through it …. It was just beautiful!

Me and the hub a dub started nearer to the back than we normally do (nice to be polite when visiting new locations I think)! But this was a negative point to start with because the start is quite narrow and with all the people around it got quite bunched up and I found myself struggling to gain momentum and get going! So in my head I settled for “your racing a half marathon tomorrow so just treat this is a nice gentle pleasant 3 mile run” well…… once I got into the open my legs just went on “go go gadget legs” mode!


I made the mistake of turning left back towards the finish thinking I was almost there and I could start my sprint home! WRONG!! you head towards the finish then turn right again to do a 200 metre (ish) loop that brings you round! My legs felt like they were about to buckle beneath me!

So I had started slow, settling for a nice easy run, legs picked up followed by an early sprint that left me almost blowing up before I could finish!

So … I crossed the line …. Turned the garmin off ….. 26:32!!!!! WOW WOW WOW Ive been trying to get that sub 27 minute since August last year when my 2nd ever parkrun set my PB! I’ve been up in 29 minute marks, back down to the 28 minute mark … Followed by back at 27:30 something! But never been to come close to even 27:00!


The scanner won’t scan my barcode …. ARGGGGGGHHHHH! But a nice man took my number and position and wrote it down … I begged him to make sure it went on …. I needed to see it on the results page!

My “official” park run time was 26:57! My garmin was out because of the slow start …. I started it once I got moving! So in happy both ways …. I know my garmin is my run time and the web page is my “gun time” either way I RUN SUB 27 MINUTES! I even had a wee dance when I met up with Tim at the finish line!



I would highly recommend Endcliffe park as a course! It’s very very pretty and super friendly! It was so inspiring to see so many people running! Every type of runner out doing it! But the most awesome thing was all the kids! I could literally if just run with the next Jess Ennis or Mo Farah! Getting kids doing sport is amazing (and of course running is the best sport to get into)! So thank you to all the runners, supporters and volunteers at Endcliffe Park today … You made my day!!

Love Sandie xxxx

2 Run Race Day

Finished my 2nd 10k of the year
Finished my 2nd 10k of the year


So at my running club awards night in November just after the London Marathon Ballot had been drawn three of us girls laughed and said “lets do a spring marathon” and “lets see if us slower runners can win a club champs award next year” SO …….. the very next morning I woke with a touch of a hangover and the drive to race.  I entered Milton Keynes Marathon and a few of the club champs races (my bank account did not look too healthy after this little hungover race spending spree).  One of the races I entered was Winslow 10k on 23rd Feb.  It was only when my good running friend was writing my programme i realised ….. “oops … i need to be getting my mileage up by then” so the plan on Sunday called for the 10k race (raced at best effort) followed by and 8 mile run  OUCH!

My finishers t-shirt
My finishers t-shirt


The start of the day was a bit depressing.  The weather was windy and cold.  My running club friend Clare drove us to Winslow and we followed the instructions to park at a local community centre and walk to the location. We started to become a little bit stressed as there seemed to be no sign of any marshals (or runners) and we only just managed to find the race venue.  The organisation of collecting numbers was pretty straight forward and well organised but I was a little disappointed to find it was not going to be chip timed.  This wouldn’t stop me entering in the future but wish I had been aware of this before.

I was also impressed by the availability of refreshments in the centre – amazing cakes, pastries and fruit as well as a variety of drinks were available (I must remember to take money to these events for a post race treat).  

Although I didn’t use the baggage area other members of my club did and it seemed very straight forward and quick at the end of the race!

The Race … we walked to the start line and I made the decision that I would use my garmin to get my actual finish time as I was not planning on being one of the first to cross the start line. However I must learn in future that i am (slightly) better than I think and I should maybe start a little bit closer to the front.  The road was pretty narrow so the first half mile was slower than I wanted as there just seemed to be no space to get around people.  Matt has said to be before that I need to start closer to the front than I do …. but I suppose I still need to find my inner runner confidence as I still don’t believe that I ACTUALLY RUN!!!

The course…. i tweeted in the morning that i was off to Winslow.  A reply came in “keep something in the tank – a few hills on that one”.   This I was not prepared for.  Running around Bicester I have come to forget what A hill actually looks like.

It was not a mountainous course and I don’t think I would call it undulating as such but at 2k it did gradually incline for around 2 more kilometres.  It then evened out with a nice little downhill followed by a horrible incline in the last km.

The course was lovely and out in the countryside through a few villages.  It was a lovely run.  They also had 2 water stations with plenty of enthusiastic kids to cheer us on and the marshals were all friendly and encouraging.

The Result …… 

From Lions Club of Winslow Website
From Lions Club of Winslow Website

I was 228th out of 318.  So not speedy speedy …. i don’t think ill ever be a speedy runner.  The time recorded was 57:42 …. BUT my garmin time was 57:23 ….. only 1 minute off my PB.  Considering the course was quite uphill in places I was pretty pleased with myself.  I was more pleased for my friend Clare who achieved her first sub 1 hour 10K ….. GO CLARE!!!


So we got in the car … i stuffed an apple rice pudding down my neck for energy and we drove home to Bicester ready for me to meet up with my other friend to get 8 miles done.  WOW … by the time I met Abby I was still in my runners high and raring to go BUT the legs said NO!!!  It was a slog … we misjudged the distance and only did 7.5 but it was a mental slog.  Legs were heavy heavy but still managed an average of 10:30 per mile.  Thats only 15 seconds slower than my predicted marathon pace so I was pleased with that too.  I was once told “its all about the time on your feet”.  I am glad i listened and went out for that second run!!



So how did I treat my running hangover?  A few days away in London with Hubby in a fancy hotel.  We arrived Sunday night and I spent an hour in a nice hot bubble bath, with mood lighting, a bath pillow .. and fell asleep.  Great end to a great day of running!!!

Next week …… Silverstone half followed by a 3 miler!  I must be insane!!



Types of runners!!


WHAT ?????? Are you???

Recently all my social media feeds have been filled with quizzes to determine what personality you are!! “what friends character are you?? “what breed of dog are you??? “what should your perfect job be” (and to be honest I have been guilty in partaking in a quiz or two!

A running magazine recently published a “what type of runner are you”! AND I’ve seen blogs and twitter feeds about ….

Running types….

I don’t really know much about the subject but I do enjoy people watching “runner watching”

We all know the super lean, super dedicated, 5 minute miler, eating clean, gazelle type runners that just make the whole thing look painless and effortless! (Although I would love to be in this group …. I never will be)! What amazes me is the dedication of this group to normally wear shorts and t-shirts no matter the weather …. With maybe a hat if it rains!!

We all know the picture perfect, make up on, hair perfect, beautiful runner who also makes it look so easy and whose race pictures could be published in magazines for the right reasons (I refer you to my gallery … I am not one of these runners either)

There is the tracksuit bottom and hoody runner, the addicted to running clothing and every new pair of trainers runners (I am definately this one) the group of girls runner, the I want to lose weight runner! The fast runner, the slow bimble runner, the 5k focused runner, the madly in love with the marathon runner!

So many categories! But what I love about most runners … We all run! We all love it (I love it after its finished usually) and no matter whether we are a 5k slow, group of girls, tracksuit bottom
Runner or an elite athlete running 5 minute miles …. A run is a run!!!


So what’s my point???

I found a new type of runner today!! The I HATE RUNNING IN THE MORNING RUNNER!!!


I wish I could be dedicated to wake at 4am eat my porridge and go back to bed for an hour before rising at 0630 to pound the pavement! The truth is …. I hate mornings!

You wake up, everything is aches, your mouth is dry and your eyes won’t open! I struggle to walk downstairs never mind make my legs move faster than a shuffle!

I am up usually at 0530 most days to get out to work …. Why on earth would I want to do this on my days off! So today I slept in for parkrun and opted for a 5 miler at 0830! And once it was done I felt great and set me up for the day!

So …. THE PLAN!!

I don’t think ill ever be a 4am porridge eater – but I think I might make more of an effort to pull myself out of bed in the future! Whilst I’m lying in bed …. Someone else is out there running!

Love Sandie xxxxx

End of Week 7!!



I woke up this morning (after the best sleep I’ve had in forever) and thought where has this week gone??  I feel like I have not run very much …. and I realised that I dropped my usual Thursday run so feel like I’ve cheated a bit.

Rest days ….. think I’ve cheated a wee bit this week and had 3 (yes 3) rest days!  Monday saw a few squats and lunges – but nothing I can class as a workout!  Thursday was booked as pre valentines night with hubby and the hustle and bustle of life got in the way throughout the day so Thursday session was missed and I decided to keep my Friday rest!

Actual Runs ….. I Have to admit though that I have actually had a productive week considering i was so poorly last weekend that I asked hubby to watch i didn’t stop breathing in the middle of the night!  All my chest muscles hurt and I felt like breathing was such an effort!  But having not run at all last weekend … by Tuesday I was desperate to go out!  My common sense head said “stay away from speed training at club and do a nice sensible slow 3 miles” where as my heart said “just go to club and take it easy”!  THEN came a text from my good friend and running buddy Kirsty ….. “are you coming to club tonight, my legs are pretty tired so we can just take it really slow” so the heart won!  off i went to be told we were doing 1Km reps ….. I wasn’t letting my garmin beat me and just went for it!  Wasn’t as fast as previous weeks …. but wasn’t far off!  Chest didn’t feel to bad afterwards so was pretty pleased that Kirsty persuaded my heart rather than my head! Considering we both felt a bit rubbish … we both went for it and had a FAB session!

Wednesday ….. the plan said …. 9 miles!!!  Could I actually face 9 miles, post a day at uni, cough still lingering??  I met up with 2 more club mates and thought I would just see how I got on!!  9 Miles Smashed!  Felt great!  Could just keep going!!

Saturday …. I have already posted about it but need to mention it again!!  Milton Keynes park run …… best run in a while!  Everything clicked and that “running high” stayed all day!!

Long run SUNDAY …. Training for Bournmouth marathon I had a mind block at 15 miles …. most runs I ended up calling Hubby at 15 miles crying …. please come and pick me up!  Today i had 16 miles  …. i was dreading it.  2 miles alone, 10 with the girls and 4 miles alone!  16 miles done …. at 10:20 pace …. again I managed to do it at not much over my planned marathon pace of 10:15!!!  I am getting so edited about trying to get 4.5 hour marathon and at the minute it seems so achievable! I am getting excited!

What now???

I feel like the last few sundays have just been a diary of my week!  I am excited about the next few weeks!  I will actually have some races to review!  Next week …. Winslow 10k then Silverstone half (so excited about this one …. and would love 2 hours) followed by Banbury 15!

So for now … keep running!Image

The return to Milton Keynes Parkrun



So because I needed to visit the Apple store  we decided to get out of bed an extra half hour early (following a late night after a valentines date night), on a cold, wet, stormy, blustery Saturday to go to Milton Keynes and not Oxford!  I have to admit I was dreading it.  My Parkrun life started at Milton Keynes back in August and saw a time of 27:11 and returned the next week to get a PB of 27:05.  That PB has been my nemesis and I have been trying to break it ever since.  I started to get annoyed and became a park run tourist to try and keep me entertained with different courses.

The Course

The course is 1 lap!!  I love 1 lap courses! I know it’s all in my head but the monotony of going round and round destroys my times and I feel like I want to die by the end of the 1st Kilometre.  BUT what Milton Keynes does have is a Zig Zagging hill at 2km that murders my legs.  I wish I had a photo to show to put on (in fact I will make that my mission next time) PLUS the park has been flooded recently so lots of puddles around AND on top of that there was a hurdle in the way:


Other than this – I have fallen in love with the Milton Keynes course.  It is a beautiful course around the lake and I would def recommend to anyone visiting the area.

So How Did I do?

Well as usual I started a little bit far forward than I should.  I always follow the husband who is quicker than me ….. so the first kilometre was me trying to gasp every last bit of air whilst every single person running overtakes me (or that’s how it feels).  By the time I reached the rancid zig zags (hubby calls it the travelator as it feels as epic as watching gladiators as a child) I had settled into my stride.  I was on fire.  I feel like I had an outer body experience looking at my legs thinking – “come on girls keep pumping – where did you find this strength”.  I even managed to overtake a few people.


I felt that strong all the way. I knew I was going quicker than my previous few weeks despite the gale force winds feeling like I was running on the spot at times.  The lake is obviously “still” water – but I swear it felt like it was producing waves. The wind was so strong ….. but the legs kept going.

Pipped at the post!!!

Coming round the final bend i thought dig deep sprint!!! It was like i was running to win the race of my life ….. ono to be overtaken at the final few metres by a young girl of around 13 years old.


It might not have been a PB!  It is nowhere near “winning” to be classed as “fast”. But my time was a nice 27:32!!  not bad considering the weather, the tiredness and the hurdle at 4km but the best bit i can say is – I loved every single step of it!! Maybe my sub 27 will come soon!!!

Feeling Rubbish!!



Week 6 started well with rest on Monday and a fab speed session with club on Tuesday which I saw the best times so far! Really felt like I could see the progression! But on Wednesday morning I had a niggle in my calf that I was worried about! I foam rolled pre run with the girls and went and did 6 miles! Although the calf was fine I felt sluggish the whole way and after almost getting run over my a stupid car failing to indicate I retired home and put Wednesday on the “bad run list!!

Thursday … was planned for 2 runs again but as I had the niggling calf I decided to stick to just the one run and go to running club and run easy! So did a nice 10 minute mile 6 miles and felt like I had my stride back!

Friday …. the DISASTER starts! Sore throat, runny nose and a bit of a cough! Cool all advice I read says I can run with that right!?

Saturday …. developed a cough overnight from Friday and parkrun is cancelled so I decide it is best to let my cough settle and rest today! I figured … I’d rather miss 3 miles today that 15 on Sunday!

Sunday …. real disaster! I am ILL proper ill! The cold … Has hit the chest! I have never ever ever in my life heard anyone cough as much as I have! My ribs hurt, my sternum hurts, I’m sure my diaphragm hurts, my head hurts, everything just HURTS!


So this is how I feel! And I MUST REST!

So my advice for anyone (based on what I’ve read) …..

1. Anything above the neck … Sore throat, headache, runny nose = Run

2. Any signs of chest problems = don’t run

3. I think the most important is to listen to your body!

I feel rubbish that I have to rest … It’s like guilt has invaded me! I want to get out and get those miles in but I know that if I run today ….. I probably will be too ill to run for a week!